Bretton Update: 1 April 2019

Community Leadership Fund

Last week I visited St John’s Ambulance in Bretton, to see the fantastic work the organisation is doing in our community. They work with children aged seven and older with the Badger Group, teaching them the fundamentals of First Aid. It’s a skill that helps those children gain confidence and learn transferable life skills that will be of benefit to their future education. I’m pleased to support out local St. John’s Ambulance group through the awarding of a £500 grant from my Community Leadership Fund. This additional money will help the group grow its local presence and build upon the positive impact it has had in our community.


I am always surprised by the amount of untapped support that the community are not using. One amazing underused resource is Age UK’s provision of a Care and Repair service for the elderly that helps maintain the houses of older people, allowing them to continue enjoying the comforts of their homes. I think this service is vital for maintaining quality of life for older people, and can have a dramatic impact on their physical and mental wellbeing. You can find out more about Age UK by visiting their website:

White Lines

During my roaming surgeries, the most common problem that gets raised on the doorsteps is the inadequate provision of parking throughout Bretton. I’m aware that lack of parking is a big problem across Peterborough as a whole. We are currently working on an action plan to solve this. We’ve posted on Facebook to gather people’s thoughts about putting white lines in all the car parking bays. Most people who replied were in favour of painted parking spaces, but this is the first step of the action plan and I will update you further as matters develop.

Friends of Bretton Library

Protecting and maintaining our previous community assets is a pivotal part of my role as a City Councillor. The role of our local libraries play in the community has changed a lot over the last few decades, but they are still a vital hub for local people. I was recently invited to attend a meeting of the Friends of Bretton Library – a group that was originally set up to protect the library from closure. However, their remit is much bigger now, as they explore different ways they can encourage the community to take advantage of the space and facilities available to local children and their families. I would encourage you all to visit Bretton Library, at The Cresset, and see how you can get involved.

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