Bretton Update: 26 March 2019

Pyramid Centre Coffee Morning

I want residents to know that I am approachable when out and about, and to feel comfortable sharing their views on political matters – both local and national. As a Councillor I believe it’s important to be in touch with the local community to gauge feeling on local matters in the ward, but also the general mood about how the city is run. One easy way to do this is to take part in the various coffee mornings that happen throughout Bretton. Attending the Pyramid Centre coffee morning, I’ve discovered it is also a forum for residents to put the world to rights on a range of topics. Sharing the experience with me this week was the Parliamentary candidate Paul Bristow, who got to experience the lively but friendly discussions. We also picked up on a few serious issues that were raised during this coffee morning, which I will be looking into.

Health Scrutiny

As a Councillor you are assigned the responsibility of sitting on one or more Council committees, and this year I was tasked with being part of the Health Scrutiny Committee. The topics we covered last week involved examining the provision of health funding, including a recommendation for providing at least one free round of IVF treatment at Peterborough hospitals and facilities. The other main topics was the Healthy Peterborough campaign, which includes different smaller campaigns like “No Fizz February”.


Green Open Spaces

We are blessed in Bretton with a large amount of green open spaces. However, with this asset also comes the expensive burden of maintenance. We are looking into ways the local community could get involved in taking responsibility for protecting those spaces and making them more attractive. One very common problem I encounter is that a green space has no rightfully owner, so nobody is taking responsibility for that patch of land. We discussed creating an action plan for maintenance of un-owned plots of land. If a group of residents would like some information about owning a patch of land, have queries about land ownership, or know of some land that has no owner, and would like to take responsibility for that land then please get in touch with me.


Autism in schools

In my previous update I talked about mental health in schools and what can be done to improve awareness and support. Upon that visit I also became concerned about the possible lack of support around Autism, Asperger’s and ADHD in our schools. Acting upon my concerns I arranged a meeting to find out what could be done for improving the support in schools for children with Autism, Asperger’s and ADHD. Then what can be done to improve this service with current challenges. I am working to arrange a gathering of parents whose children are suffering with any of these conditions to find out what life is like for them, what could be done better to help them meet their challenges, and to help children with Autism, Asperger’s and ADHD to function in a normal working environment is the environment is adjusted slightly to their needs. 

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